Read everyday

Your child will have two books for their reading at home. Read both books in their book bag. One book is the new book they read with me today and the other book is from the previous day.

Please ensure you sign the reading log book. For every five books read, I put on a sticker.

Please practise their letter sounds and sight words each night. Make it into a game. Spread
6-8 the words out and ask them to find a word. Mix them up and play again. Can they put the words into a sentence

Visit the Dunedin Library. They have an amazing collection of books.

Games for fun

When travelling on journeys in the car, play some fun word games.
  • Alliteration - "On my way to __ I saw an alligator." Go through the alphabet always starting with 'A'. See how far you can get. To challenge them you can add another word to the letter, for example 'angry alligator, 'blue banana'. You can get some funny and crazy alliterations.

  • I spy with my little eye something starting with_? Use a mix of initial letter and initial letter sounds.

On-line games you can play at home

Aphabet match.png
Alphabet match
final letter sounds.jpg
Final letter sound